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Medicare Dental For Kids - Child Dental Benefits Schedule(CDBS)

Medicare Covered Up to $1026 over a two year period 

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children under 18 years of age should have their dental check-up every 6-12 months. Tooth decay in children is on the rise in Australia. On average a child aged 5-10 will have more than one tooth which is decayed, missing or has been filled. 


Keeping your child's teeth and gums healthy will protect against infection, cavities and pain. Decayed baby teeth can damage the adult teeth underneath. If a child loses a tooth because of tooth decay, it can cause crowding problems when their adult teeth come through later. So it’s more important than ever to teach your child good oral health habits with regular dental visits that will stay with them for life.  

Eligibility for Kids to be eligible under Medicare CDBS 

1. Child Must be under 18 years of age

2. Eligible for Medicare

3. The Child or Parent/Guardian gets a payment (from the list below) from Centrelink at least one in the calendar year 

     - Family Tax Benefit

     - Parenting Payment

     - Carer Payment

     - Youth Allowance

     - Disability Support Pension

     - Double Orphan Pension

     - Special Benefit

     - ABSTUDY

How to claim?

Let us know you want to use Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). 

We check for you, your eligibility and your balance.  

We process claims on the spot so there's nothing else for you to do! 

Check your eligibility below

Or simply call us on (02) 9763 7889

Tick Children's Medicare Reference Number(s)

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